Pro-Life Quotes

Check out these short "pro-Life"quotes! Feel free to copy and use them in fruitfull ways!

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  1. "Just how does it feel? The sacred is torn from Life and you survive!"

  2. "If we see things and people the way God sees them; what a difference that would make!"

  3. "Many times truth and justice are compromised by the desire to avoid offending anyone!" (People affraid to speak the truth about abortion).

  4. "GE has brought good things to light [babies] by inventing the sonogram."

  5. "Life is a miracle from its conception." (Conception of God's creation and conception in the womb)

  6. "We will win [abortion abolished] when we have enough people caring."

  7. "I'm from Missouri. We must start witnessing for the unborn, "Show me"." [ put the end abortion magnet on your vehicle!]

  8. "Do not mess with the natural order of things."

  9. "Choice? Can I live with morning sickness or sickness from mourning (ending a ordained life)."

  10. "Abortion is rightly labeled "evil"and we are attacking it."

  11. "M.I.A. [missing in abortion] P.O.W. [person or waste?]"

  12. "Prayer paves the way, Action posseses the land." [ we must have pro-life action to win]

  13. "Be on fire! Be not afraid! God is calling you to do his will."


  15. "The idolizing of woman and so called free sex, is what started all this immorality!"

  16. "Sexual union is by design,  for Husband and Wife."

  17. "We must all pray and fight to end the immorality of abortion."

  18. "When you are down you have someone to cover for you." ...JESUS

  19. "Yes, we all have our own lives, but we must work for the "common good"." [end abortion for ever]

  20. "All we are saying, is give life a chance" [ to the Beatles tune].

  21. "Pro-choice Catholics. CINO  Catholic In Name Only."

  22. "You are going to WIN if you listen to God's law."

  23. "The Nation should be bound to repent at once!! Let the oppresed be born and admit them to all the rights and privileges of others."

  24. "Fight or flight? So many have given up and ran away. Run into the fight and end abortion!!"

  25. "The only TRUE contraversy about abortion is our SILENCE."

  26. "Shamefully in today's culture Women are a "commodity" [buy, sell, trade] Buy: date=dinner-wine-sex, Sell: porn, Trade: divorce.

  27. "Stand up for the innocent and weak!"

  28. "The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil, but because of those who look on and do nothing!"

  29. FLIPSIDE:  "Happy Birthday"  innocent children are dismembered before their birthdays!

  30. "The TRUE Pro-lifer does not just wish [hope] for an end to abortion, he WORKS for it!!"

  31. "People put a lot of "stock" in THIS world, but truly in life it is not who you know, it is not what you know, it is how you LIVE! Make peace with yourself and God, because in the END that is all there is!"

  32. "What did Jesus write in the sand? ABORTION.  The members of the Supreme court dropped thier stones!!"

  33. "Life from conception, no exception!!!!!!!"

  34. "I am not ashamed of my love for Him, He is my redeeming King"

  35. "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for Righteousness!!"

  36. "God Creates no accident!"

  37. "Nature of love, Love the un-lovable, change the unchangable heart, never walk away!!"

  38. "Abortion is the Ultimate child abuse!"

  39. "Does today's society see God fearing believers as a "Dying Breed"? We still do what is right!"

  40. "Lust is not normal, the desire to pro-create is, and to let it happen!"

  41. "I will not be beat, I am in it to win!"

  42. "Abortion, I don't like talking about it, I am compelled to talk about it!"

  43. "Pro-lifers = those who fight and work in the vineyard of the Lord and for the EXTENTION of his family!"

  44. "... have only 1 fear, that of offending God, and seek only 1 position, that of favor with him!!"

  45. 182 abortions per hour, come on do we really think we are out smarting God!!

  46. "No values = Abortion"

  47. "We need to get back to the basics of Life!"

  48. "It is better to be hated for who you are than loved for who you are not! Stand your ground!"

  49. "Attitude of the abandonment of un-born children to the abortionist knife."

  50. "Abortion is torture to women."

  51. "We must encourage desenting opinions, it opens out minds."

  52. "Choice, oversteps its bounds when it infringes upon the rights of others."

  53. "Those enslaved by the compass have the freedom of the sea! Follow God's way!"

  54. "44 million children killed, just for being concieved and considered a burden."

  55. "There are those in our midst, than never see the day of light!"

  56. "Why, if she wants it, it's a baby , if she does not, it is not??"

  57. "We must attack evil and expose it! Be silent no more!!"

  58. "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing!"

  59. "Do not spend what remains of your earthly life on human desires, but on the will of God!"

  60. "We are living in a fallen society, help roll back the vices."

  61. "Prosperous every effort to promote the sanctity of life."

  62. "To error is human! Abortion is no error, it is evil!!"

  63. "We support funding for a cure for AIDS, breast cancer, and other "fasionable"causes, but where is the "guts" for the truth about abortion?!"

  64. "Faith in Our God, leads us in our action."

  65. "it is the obligation of the people to remove abortions legality, by moral and political action."

  66. "I was pro-life when pro-life was not cool, today more and more youth are active pro-lifers."

  67. "God can work through us to guard the innocent un-born from harm."

  68. "We call to the man who walked on the water, give us a plan to stop all the slaughter!"

  69. "Roe Vs Wade has got to go, or so goes the U.S."

  70. "Abortion is the choice of selfishness, convenience, and murder."

  71. Babies = "flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone, is it any wonder why we love them so!"

  72. "We are not to try to outsmart God's design!"

  73. "Rejoicing in being found worthy to suffer dishonor for the sake of His name!"

  74. Al Gore will never say  "The Real Inconveniant truth is abortion is murder! Its not a political issue it is a morral issue."

  75. "A child desreves to see the light of dawn!!"

  76. "Let the womb be a place of peace and security, [ as intended by our Creator], let's run off the wolves!"

  77. "Many times truth and justice are compromised by the desire to avoid offending anyone. Be not afraid, speak and work for a end to abortion!!"

  78. "...It's not "sex", it's pro-creation!"

  79. "Our Westernized Culture is dying! Other cultures are thriving and inhabiting the Earth! We have Planned Parenthood!?"

  80. Abortion = "An unnatural death from a Natural beginning."