Mission Statement

Shalom! This is a "keep it simple" web site! Simply we seek to "Abolish Abortion Across America!!". Just as the injustice and evil of slavery was finally admitted and abolished, so will the "snuffing" out of unborn children. Abolish Abortion Across America [4A] will use the "visuals", namely T.V. [also billboards, auto magnets, t-shirts, etc.] to "Roll Back the Vices".

Television and the Media has been used over the last 50 years to desensitize [numb] our conscience as to what is right and wrong for the common good of the human race! What was totally wrong and un-heard of 50 years ago, is today good, cool, and in fashion. SO this along with contraception has given us the "enemy from within". The "if it feels good, I am going to do it because I am being told [Hollywood/Media] I am entitled to it" generation of Americans.

Today the true teachings of the Church are being ignored! Even laughed at and made fun of by Hollywood. It is now "cool/in fashion" to down play the church and accept the teachings from the "one Eyed monster " television!! The Monster has taught us that we are smarter than God and can over rule his design for creation and how it works, all in the name of selfishness! A large amount of Americans are "foggy" headed, and do not realize that the "Common good" of our people is being jeopardized. People are not happier now than 50 years ago. There is some "short term" happiness , yes, but it does not last long. Adultery, Divorce, Pornography, cuts deep into ones wellbeing, and has broke up many a good family. It has scared the spouse and the children!

Abortion hurts the mother [physically and mentally] and kills the child! The glamorizing of Homosexuals and their acts, has confused us all, and bringing us closer to the point of no return! These are the "vices" of our day. 4A will focus on the vice of abortion. It is our believe that ending abortion, will then start the rolling back of the other vices, to get us back to the good old days. Days of true love and long term happiness!!!

We seek to use the same tool the evil one used to bring on the vices, and use it to "roll them back". If God allows, we will raise enough money and have the resources to produce music videos and T.V. spots. These will be put into our families homes [amongst the smut], to hopefully "wake" some people up. Some good people! Evil flourishes when good people do nothing about it. We pray for the good people to do something! 4A wants to use Virtue Media to produce our films.

We hope and pray you find it in your heart to help us with this endeavor. [see donate] You can just imagine what the song "Blue Eyes Like Janeys" [see the Proclaim album at ] , would be like if made into a music video and played on MTV!! This song will hopefully be our first endeavor.

Over 52,000,000 Babies aborted since Roe v. Wade.
"A Nation that kills its own children is a nation without hope"
-Pope John Paul II

Child in hands

So, this is the dream of Abolish, Abortion, Across, America!! Please browse the rest of the site, for it is straight forward and simple! A simple t-shirt will wake up many and save lives. The simple "witness" of an auto magnet is powerful, for people know the truth in their hearts. Please check us out!

"Why do we tolerate this? We are disciples of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. In Him we have immeasurable power" [Eph 1:19]

"Now, more than ever, we must rise up in the night, lift up our hands to the Lord, and bring down the strongholds of the evil one, by praying the mountain-moving prayer of faith!' [2 Cor 10:4; Mt.17:20]

"The Lord does not want His creatures destroyed but born into His abundant life " [Jn 10:10] We should ask Jesus this question: "Today, what are you calling me to do to save the innocents from Planned Parenthood and other Herods?"

Our battle is not primarily against human beings but, "against the principalities and powers, the rulers of this world of darkness, the evil spirits in regions above" [Eph 6:12] In Jesus we can conquer evil [Rm 8:37; 1 Jn 5:5] , and attack the gates of hell which cannot withstand us. [Mt 16:18]

In ending simply, it is a biological truth abortion is murder!! We will not allow the evil one to dismantle the foundation of faith and perseverance. We will "roll back the Vices"!!!!!!!