Why Abolish Abortion?

We reflect and protest the Supreme Court's (supreme they are not) decision of Jan. 22, 1973, in which the court allowed American women to terminate a conceived pregnancy. Up until this point human life in the womb was protected and acknowledged from the moment of conception.

The court's decision came about without people really understanding what just happened. The same is happening again today, with the unscrutinized health care bill. With the life-ending abortion ruling, 50 million Americans have lost their lives, and those women who ended their pregnancy are suffering daily.

What has happened to our once great American culture? Why has terminating a pregnancy always been considered wrong until the magical year of 1973?

Since the sexual rebels of the 1960s, our culture has changed more quickly than any other known to mankind. The rebel of the 1960s got into our newspapers, TV, radio, colleges and even churches. They would have us to believe that we are supreme and smarter than our Creator.

We no longer want the church to tell us what to do. With all our great knowledge and inventions of leisure of today, we can go against God's design of our bodies and come up with our own plan. The act of conception is for our own individual needs and pleasure, with no concern for the other person involved in the act, and no concern for the life just conceived. It is all about me.

This way of thinking throws out God's plan, His plan of love for each other and his plan for creation. Hence we now have the great American holocaust.

I ask for your help to roll back these vices of today. Visit the website of Abolish Abortion Across America. We can get back to the great American culture we once had.

We have to first start with ending abortion. Abortion has been crippling us in receiving any favors or blessings from our Creator. It must end now. Babies are killed, and women are hurting. Women suffer from the trauma of losing the life in their womb. They are also treated much worst than before the sexual revolution. They can now be used by man however he pleases.

To get us back to the great pro-family, pro-life culture of the past, we must change hearts one at a time, or thousands at a time. One at a time by each of you talking "life" to your friends, family, church and co-workers. Thousands by supporting the many pro-life organizations that will use the media and films to bring about the culture of life.

We can roll back the vices using the same tools the evil one has used to attack the family, namely television and now the Internet. Please support groups that go after changing hearts thousands at a time. Pro-life TV adds, movies ("Bella"), songs, blogs, billboards, newspapers and radio will change the most hearts in one shot.
Also contact your politicians, pastors and teachers and ask them to promote life and a revived culture.

In the meantime, continue to talk about it one-on-one. Most of all, pray to our Creator and ask for forgiveness of our nation and for the return of the acknowledgment of life from conception to natural death. Thanks.

Jesus loves the children
"Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you."

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